Pinned Capcom CPS1/2/3 kick harness condensers

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    • Hi Mitsurugi-w,

      What are the specs on the diodes that you are using? I ask for another effort, making 2-way splitters for the New Net City cabs we picked up in the group buy. Hoping to be able to have the JAMMA loom connected to the 2-way splitter at the same time as the JVS connections. Saves me from disconnecting when switching games because, well, I am lazy. Will be getting axial versions instead of SMD of course, but the concept is the same. Eliminate ghosting of the signal line.

      Also, do you put a diode on the ground lines in your PCB? Or do you only do that for the signal connections? I'd imagine a diode on the ground line isn't needed?

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