Repair Diary #2 - Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition CPS

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    • Repair Diary #2 - Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition CPS

      I purchased this Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition board with a reboot issue. It would go through the initial startup routine, pass all the checks, then immediately reboot.
      The culprit turned out to be a scratched trace on the underside of the secondary B board - something scratched that electrical trace just enough to break continuity.

      I repaired the broken trace, and now the game booted up, but there was a new problem - background graphics weren't showing up and the colors on the foreground characters were way off.

      The culprit here was a missing PAL chip at position 12D on the B board - it was just completely missing. I programmed a replacement GAL chip with the correct code off a MAME ROM download set, and now the game works perfectly.

      I plan on converting this game to be Ghouls N' Ghosts soon - I'll do a short writeup when I get that done.