CPS1 no audio repair

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    • CPS1 no audio repair

      While SF2CE might be my favorite, I hold a certain reverence for the original WW. Almost a year ago when I started into the hardware-side of this hobby I made SF2 one of my first board purchases. The board arrived, booted, but sadly had no sound whatsoever. No matter, this noob can use google! Most folks out there point to the Z80 processor and relay with disdain that "Capcom cheaped out, they printed the CPS1 motherboard to have a Z80A but then installed the cheaper Z80". Typically this is the culprit, and since the B board gets in the way of probing anything I just decided to socket and replace the dang thing.

      It didn't work.

      Next, I dove into the schematics (link!) and googled a bit more. That research indicated that 'no sound at all' could either be due to the 3.579 oscillator not working, or the YM3012 DAC IC. Again since the f%$!ing B board gets in the way I just went ahead and bought both from China since they were cheap.

      Upon arrival I tried piggy-backing the YM3012 and boom, sound. Happily de-soldered it and swapped in a new one. I had no sockets the right size, and I'm impatient, so hopefully this one lasts a while longer.

      So another SF2:WW is back to working order!

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