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    • MetalliC wrote:

      huh, so you "finally" got an ~6 year old GPU which was already dropped / abandoned by ATI/AMD like two years ago...
      well, part of the problem was that if you wanted to run your PC an on actual Arcade monitor with 15KHz support for MAME you were limited by the GPUs supported by CRT EMU Driver.

      Up until Dec 2016 the NEWEST card that CRT EMU Driver supported was the ATI HD4xxx series, which didn't support DX11.

      So if you wanted to use a Tri-sync and run both MAME and DEMUl you had to choose:
      A. HD4xxx card with good 15KHz support for MAME and no support for DEMUL
      B. DX11 Card with good support for DEMUL and no support for 15KHz.

      Thankfully CRT_EmuDriver 2.0 added support for up to ATi HD7xxx series GPUs and Windows 10 support. So now we can have both.

      DEMUL is seriously fantastic, I use it on my MAME cab for everything Dreamcast/NAOMI. I think the only games that give me grief are NAOMI2 and Hikaru titles, though I think that's partly because of my hardware specs.
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    • DEMUL is a GREAT emulator. Runs game quick and accurately on most modern computers. Try to run those games with MAME. Besides that our friend @MetalliC is on the Demul team so he has my support :thumbsup:
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    • Hey @MetalliC, apologies for slighting your work. I don't want to sound unappreciative, but there are situations where your work is troublesome for certain users. Bear in mind that cab builders are forced to use older hardware. No way around it. It is the only way we can get 15khz CGA video resolution outputted onto CRT arcade monitors. So if I can amend what I stated previously, DEmul emulation for NAOMI is troublesome for cab builders that require 15khz CGA video ouput. I don't know if that statement makes my point of view any easier to digest, but so far, it is what I see from observation. It may just be that perhaps NAOMI emulation is just too ambitious for 15khz CGA cab builders. I hope you can appreciate that at least I am being honest.

      Given I fall into that group, my 1st requirement is to have MAME running. My 2nd requirement is to get MAME running as cheaply as possible. After all, these PC's will be stuffed into a cab, the games launched from a front end, and the user will hardly notice that there is even a PC running the entire show. My 3rd requirement is a luxury: to get NAOMI emulation to work. Seems folks always ask if MvC2 or CvS2 is in my boxes. Most of the time, I tell them no. Given this, my floor is old hardware that is donated to me from friends, or I might find tossed away. My version of MAME works fine in this scenario. Then, I look for a ceiling where DEmul will run fine. New builds from there will start with that watermark. I am also handcuffed by which Radeon cards work with Calamity's CRT Emu drivers. I also look for a ceiling with those cards as well. There is a narrow band of older hardware that is available to me which I target. I try to keep the expenditure as low as possible. I am probably not alone in this venture either.

      Those are the elements I am working with. My aim is cab building. Outside of that, NAOMI emulation isn't something I would use for myself as I own the original hardware, and the NAOMI is far and away my favorite arcade system. I get new laptops from work every 1.5 years. Never once tried running DEmul on them. But now, I might just give it a try so I can retract my statement further. But my cab builds always use older hardware.
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    • First of all, im totally agree that the work done by Darksoft on this conversions is pretty awesome and off course you deserve our respect and admiration. Thank you Darksoft!

      I want to comment not specifically related to real hardware issues, but i was testing out all the Darksoft AW 2 Naomi conversions and i find out that 2 games have issues with "nullDC" emulator :O (the rest of the games seems to be working pretty well)

      So.. i can report the following:

      - Rumble Fish 2 doesn't boot (black screen)
      - Samurai Spirits VI has "sprites priority" issues on battle screen. Stage and character sprites are kind of "mixed" (the title, character selection, versus, story screens seems to be ok)

      I really ignore if this it's related to the emulator itself or if it's possible to do somekind of modification/hacking on the converted rom.
      A few years ago i remember some neogeo mvs dumps need some "hex" modifications to work with a few emulators when their freshly released, so i was thinking on that and if there is any similar approach to do about this two games over nullDC emulator :O
    • WWWWWHHHHHYYYY are you playing these with ANY emulator?

      Demul supports native Atomiswave ROMs
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    • Hey guys, thanks for the awesome work on these conversions. I do have a question about Metal Slug 6. I got the BIN to flash on my Net DIMM with no issue but it seems that I can only get to TEST mode. When I select exit it restarts and goes back to test mode. I checked for others with a similar problem but found nothing.

      I have a 512 MB 4.02 Net DIMM on a Naomi 1 with BIOS 21576H and a JVS v1 I/O board. Many other games work without issue, a few won't work or have graphical issues, and a couple, apparently, need a 31k monitor.

      Is there something I am supposed to do to get it to game mode?


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    • Well, I am not using the MS6 from this thread but I am using one that was linked on these boards in this post:
      naomi netboot roms

      They are exactly the same size so I figured they are the same file and didn't want to flash the NetDIMM again with bad data. I did take out the spaces in the filename before I tried to flash the Net DIMM. Could that be an issue? I didn't think the filename really mattered.

      Thanks for the reply. :)
    • New

      Hi Darksoft,

      Many many thanks for your awesome work. I could say that millions of time it wouldn't be enough regarding what you bring to arcade fans.

      I've got a question : I read the Atomiswave expansion cartridge is basically an interface to the Maple bus. Do you intend to implement the Lightgun support through JVS to work with the Naomi-based hardware or with the original Atomiswave hardware through the Maple connectors on the rear of the Naomi ?