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    • Frank_fjs wrote:

      It could indeed.

      I'd be inclined to go for something more compact, a 20 pin Pico maybe.

      For DC all the voltages are available from the Pico. For Saturn all that's needed is a 9V regulator.
      i have both 3 options on hands for DC (Chris2600 pico psu,pico dreamcast unit and for this i'm looking for a pico psu and also i can remove that components from the stock psu without problems) ... but , in the hope i solder right my DreamPSU board and will not be necessary to use the Chris2600 pico psu option (i have the board but i don't have a pico for it) .
      Again ... if the smd's are on the correct position , hope the DreamPSU i've solder will be fine for my VA1 DC console. Thank you sir !

      Also, if you guys need to compile by yourself a DreamPSU unit, @PascalP have some uncompiled - components + boards (for that you will need to install eagle and load the board project there to see where the parts must be soldered) . Mine wasn't checked yet because i don't have an adapter for this purpose yet , but i'll buy one (until i will buy one , my only option is to go with on a friend who have all i need to check it) . I'll report my feedback here anyway.
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    • Frank_fjs wrote:

      Suspicions confirmed.

      Installed a 1 amp voltage regulator and it works fine.

      Forgive the Frankenstein approach, it wasn't easy shoehorning in a through hole regulator on tiny smd pads.

      I'm really pissed off. Who the hell uses a 0.1 amp regulator to power a CD drive!? I won't publicly rant, so that's all you'll hear from me on the subject.

      I will say - DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.

      Two things need to happen to the PCB design, a higher rated 9V voltage regulator and replace the switch with a better one or just use jumper shunts.

      It will work as is in Type C and D power supplied consoles, but not in Type A or B.

      Someone needs to put the word out. @RetroRGB @SmokeMonster

      These retro Saturn PSUs are flawed.
      Picked up your assembled SaturnPSU's Frank, thanks again! I've just tried one, I have a Type B Saturn (as per github.com/PSUThings/PSU/blob/…rn/DesignFiles/PSU-ID.pdf) so I need to have the switch set to 3.3v, and with my ODE, it works perfectly fine! Been playing for quite some time and didn't have any issues at all. Actually quite happy with it until now :)

      So I guess the design only doesn't work in type A Saturns?
    • Hello people.

      Dreamcast PSU has been finished and it is ready now. I have been some heat tests and it looks good.

      As i said before, i have left the aluminium case and designed the new one.. I will share the details soon.

      But i can tell you, the new case will be metal and plastic ;)

      please check the power's pictures

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    • Looks great! I would love to get a custom designed dreamcast case that accounts for this and a GDEMU!

      Can you also have a cutout that accounts for the DCHDMI?

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    • mathewbeall wrote:

      Looks great! I would love to get a custom designed dreamcast case that accounts for this and a GDEMU!

      Can you also have a cutout that accounts for the DCHDMI?

      Thank you my friend.
      I will add DC-HDMI support. ;)
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    • For those of you out there interested, the 20-pin 80 watt Pico PSU works just fine with the Dreamcast Pico PCB which has a 24-pin connector. A little unsymetrical, but it is going to be in the DC case anyway outof sight (see pic below). I tested the voltages being piped into the Dreamcast connection header (the 5-position header on the bottom left) using a Fluke meter without load and they are very stable. Installed it and it works like a dream (pun intended) and runs super cool with GDEmu.

      I definitely think this is a much better than the DreamPSU solution which IMO, no one should even bother with at this point. However, this puppy is a tad expensive.
      • $10 for the PCB from Laserbear
      • $25 for the official Pico PSU from mini-box
      • $18 for the DC adapter from Amazon
      Still though, it is less than the cost of the DreamPSU which I never got. I started investing in this before the info about the 12v regulator mod became known to me, so I figured I'd go all the way. Had I known about the 12v regulator mod before the investment, I would have skipped this because I am trying to be frugal.

      I'll be getting the same thing for the Saturn once someone bravely creates such a PCB. Or I might buy the eBay Chinese version and reflow solder on the PCB with Kester and swap out the knock-off Chinese Pico PSU. And I won't have to double up on the DC adapter because I only need one.