Sega Sports Dreamcast VA1 - Recap

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    • Sega Sports Dreamcast VA1 - Recap

      The VA1 is simple to recap, although attention must be paid to align caps so they don't touch the metal cover. If too wide of caps are used, they will prevent the metal shield from making contact with the CPU. Since the RF shield acts as a rudimentary heat-sink, it could lead to overheating if it's not making direct contact. Definitely go with the slimmest caps for the job.


      Recapped. I used Panasonic, Rubycon, Nichicon, and Sprague/Vishay long-life caps rated for 105C.

      Before: GD-ROM controller board

      Recapped. Here again caps should be aligned so they don't touch the metal cover.
    • Nice, do you happen to have a cap list of the ones you used? I need to the same to my board.

      Wanted: Batsugun, Battle Garegga, Battle Bakraid, Deathsmiles, War of Aero
      13/14" TriSync Tube/Chassis, Vewlix Shipping Brackets
      If you have any of these for sale/trade let me know please and lets make a deal :thumbup: