Just picked up my first Cabinet. Model3 with Naomi 2 inside

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    • Just picked up my first Cabinet. Model3 with Naomi 2 inside

      Hey I'm new here looking for tips on how to make this Father Daughter project more interesting for my girl.

      So far we have cleaned it up and found that the monitor caught fire. So I'll be looking for a permanent replacement eventually, but for now I'll just be buying new games so it's not just soccer for us
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    • Nice! I have one of these, original VF3, but it's often had a Naomi net-boot from the owner before me. Awesome that yours has a Naomi-2! I'd love to have one of those... I just don't want to pay for it :)

      In regards to the monitor, unless the chassis is totally slagged, if the tube is in good shape, get the chassis repaired. That custom bezel will likely never look right with a 16:9 LCD in there, and finding another 33" monitor for it will likely be a chore, unless you can find a donor tube from a 32" TV (and then, you'll still need to have your chassis repaired if it's not working)

      Those are beautiful machines, but HUGE!!! That's why the guy that I got mine from was getting rid of it. I got this in a lot trade, with a friend of mine committed to purchasing the VF3 from me (I don't have the room!)

      Tip - it will JUST fit through a standard doorway if you remove the topper and the plastic monitor frame. The topper's back comes off, then 4 bolts remove it from the monitor's plastic bezel. Then there are only 4 bolts that hold the plastic frame around the monitor - remove them and you're golden.
    • I think he said the chassis was gone. He could buy a replacement chassis. I'm not sure what model monitor it came with originally. Probably a Nanao. There are generic chassis you can buy to replace it but you may be stuck with 15k which will work with Naomi. VF3 was 25k which I don't think any replacement chassis are capable of using.

      If someone could tell you the model of monitor in their VF3 cab you could maybe be a spare monitor chassis. That would be the best option honestly. A flat screen will never look good in that cabinet. I'd try to do everything to get that CRT working first.

      Good luck and welcome!
    • I didn't see (in this thread) where he mentioned the chassis was missing - apologies!

      I'll do the homework when I get off work and snag the model and chassis number, if I can get to it - It's just me, alone, and I don't think that I could safely pull that monitor down if the chassis is inaccessible!

      Will see if I can get measurements off of the original VF3 marquee as well, just so you have them.


      Checked my unit. It has a 33" Wells D9200 monitor using chassis part WGM 2792-UOT29SK

      Hopefully you don't need the yoke part number, as I can't get that without pulling the tube! - not gonna happen. I need to be able to walk tomorrow :)

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    • This is the monitor, and all of the wires included with it

      There aren't any local resources around here that I can find. I've been looking online even and haven't had any luck finding parts for this one

      The only thing I've heard about these monitors is that the company is out of business and was rebranding a discount monitor (according to my internet search)

      For now I've ordered a Mobile suit Gundam game to get me by until I can decide if I should do a CF mod or look for a netdimm and raspberry Pi
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    • the A## on the tube code denotes the size in cm

      A63 = 25in tube
      A68 = 27in (aka a Japanese "29in") tube
      and this one is A80 which would be a 32in though I think this cab was advertised as a "33in"

      I believe the D9200 did come in a 33in version but you'd have to find a 33in D9200 chassis to use and who knows if that's even the right chassis for this tube.

      Sega advertised these cabs as a "Mini Deluxe" (the "Deluxe" being the 50in projector model).

      I can't seem to find a scanned copy of the mini deluxe manual, but it should list the original monitor chassis that came in this cab.
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