ST-V multicart game selector with LCD screen

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    • I recieved lcd selector few weeks ago and have few questions.
      Is these cables (or connector) supposed to be not include with lcd selector package?

      and this

      Especially first cable. I have no idea where should I get it from. I thought it was included with lcd selector package.

      Please enlighten me with these cables.
    • And @sugar4salt the other is just a Dupont connector. I used a 2 position female soldered directly to the cart. And another 2 position female for the power on the lcd. Then (3) one position female to connect to the 5v, ground, and p5 header on the lcd selector. One more on the reset chip and then 2 male one position connectors from to connect to the 2 position female connector on the cart.
    • Hey guys. Just wanted to show a little hack I had to do.

      A member here sent me his ST-V, Multi cart, 3D printed cart shell, Miisalo LCD selector with 3D printed enclosure so I could install everything for him (reset wire etc). I did all of the wire installations and tested everything and it was working fine. But once I put the selector in the enclosure and sealed it up I could not get any of the buttons to register. I would push the buttons and hear the click sound like the button was being pushed but it did not register on the screen. I disassembled and reassembled several times thinking maybe a button was being held by something preventing other button presses from being detected but the buttons of the enclosure were loose.

      So I disassembled it again and compared the selector to my own selector (that is not in an enclosure yet). I immediately noticed that the buttons on the members selector were actually shorter than my buttons! So basically the buttons that came with the enclosure could not fully press the buttons in! The lcd and button part of the selector is a pre-made piece that just plugs into the custom selector pcb. So the manufacturer of the ROBOT LCD selector screens must have used shorter buttons for these.

      So instead of me buying longer buttons (I didn't have any short enough for this) I decided to try something. I put a dab of nail polish on the top of each button being careful to not let it flow over the side. I let it dry and reapplied three or four more times until the buttons looked tall enough to work. After it dried I reinstalled it in the enclosure and tested it....

      IT WORKED!! LOL.

    • was the problem that the enclosure button caps were too short, or that the 4 plastic nubs on the electrical button preventing it from being fully pushed down?

      I did increase the height of the enclosure button caps at one point (it was probably around the 2nd or 3rd batch of these, so a while ago).
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    • Long time no see. I haven't visited forum for long time, I have been busy with repairing computers, my real work and other hobbies. But anyway, just here to inform that I received new batch of the selector boards, 51 pieces total. stt1 will pick'em some point and build new batch of selectors.

      Little bit about the lcd screens etc. Trying to keep these cheap while not having them mass produced means that stt1 is not using exactly same components every time. I have been sourcing arduinos and screens mostly from aliexpress and ordering 9-10 at time to avoid customs and taxes and trying to keep risk of faulty components low while getting these cheap. It takes surprisingly long to solder and test the boards + packing, sending etc, so event with current pricing, @stt1 is building these not for the money, more like for the love for the hobby. If I had originally when I just wanted to make one for me and few friends had known that people want these, I would have made different design with smd components only and massproduced these, but I don't have time for that currently, oh heck, I hardly have time to order right stuff for stt for him to actually manufacture these. So anyway, lcd screens are same type but different manufactures, so there can be little differences between components on them. Although I do have prototype of small snap-in selector with oled screen, wlan connectivity and control through any browser... But it seem retard to control old arcade board like that, so I'm not going to manufacture those.

      I have also gotten private messages about the boards, that is fine but I don't get emails from those messages and I don't much visit forums nowadays, so please ask @stt1 first. He can then ask me if he don't know the answer.
    • Hello,

      Yeah, parts picked from miisalo. Especially the one and only crucial component (PCB) preventing even "pre-manufacturing" took a long time to arrive. At the moment I'm very busy finalizing my friend Laseractive (full re-cap service etc.) and making the selectors as fast as I can + couple of other things.

      Some estimate about the schedule:

      First I need to get 10 selectors done (about half ready soldering, none tested) for one single preorder which initialized ordering components for this time. This set will be put together this week and then I'll have a summer holiday. Unfortunately I'm not able to build a lot of these during the holiday due to other previous arrangements. But I'll get at least 5-10 done + shipped and continue doing more after mid July.

      I have a lot of order requests already in E-mail and I shall answer to those E-mails when I have tested units ready to go.

      Thank you for understanding...