Baa weep grahna weep ninny bong.

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    • Baa weep grahna weep ninny bong.

      Hello all-

      I figured I'd eventually get around to making my entrance here. Sorry that it's not too exciting, that's just how I roll.

      Anyhow, about me-
      I grew up in the 80's, but really never experienced the "classics" except from in front of a console or computer port.
      In the late 90's I worked for the summer before college in an arcade with all the then-popular stuff, and found out that there was more to "arcades" than classics and fighters.
      Later on, in the heyday of the Dreamcast era, I became a fan of the Gundam Vs. game from Bandai/Capcom, and somewhere around 2010, when a Namco System 246 with the Gundam Seed iteration of the game popped up, I snatched it up, and after making some really great acquaintances, I proceeded to start collecting everything 246/256 I could get my hands on.
      I believe I may currently have the largest personal collection of 246/256 games, documentation, and artwork outside of Japan, but it's just speculation at current.

      So that's my backstory with arcades. And now you know.

      Projects I'm working on:
      - (documentation site for all things 246/256/Super 256)
      - Universal COH dongles (Python and 2X6)
      - Translations for the Gundam Vs. games
      - Music fix for Basara X
      - Widescreen mode hack
    • There's currently no emulation of the 246/256, but the same games have been released in various forms with certain changes- usually for the better, on Dreamcast, PS2, PSP, and PS3

      (Although some games in the series have gotten ONLY PSP releases, and as a result don't look as nice as the arcade versions)