We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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    • We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

      So, as many of you all know, I've been back and forth busy over the last nine months, and the 2x6 projects I've got in the works have really fallen by the wayside...
      (along with other things I owe people)

      Back from my second trip to Japan last week, and I'm ready to get back into the thick of things, so I'll hopefully have some progress outlines for people come Monday morning, but if I do miss something, or I don't reach out to you this weekend, PLEASE, drop me a line, either on this thread, or by email.

      Also, feel free to ask away if any questions over the last year have popped up regarding 2x6 technical issues, or what I'm doing regarding the Multi.

      -defor :cursing: :thumbup:
    • News and details on the multi will be coming out Monday.
      Almost a year has passed since my functional prototype and not much has changed sadly, but I just need to get it out there, and I'm hoping it'll be acceptable for most people. I DO believe that a more advanced device is possible, but I'm more concerned with making the platform open and getting the specifics out there than trying to solve the world's desire for a no-hassle "Multi". I'll leave that to others to develop, should there actually be enough interest.
    • Darksoft wrote:

      Come on @defor release it! We'll buy it as it is :)
      No, No, I realize this and am not really worried, it's just one of those things that my work definitely won't stand up to things like your multi's in terms of complexity, and hope people don't assume that I've spent the last year making an amazing project, because well.. I really haven't- the original design hasn't really changed in much more than implementation, functionality remains the same, and DOES require a little bit of technical know-how.
    • defor wrote:

      News and details on the multi will be coming out Monday.
      =O =O :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :!:

      have multi: cps* ttx2 st-v gnet f3 mvs sega sys24/c2 sys2x6 naomi(netboot) m72
      want multi: pgm sys16/18/32 m92 atomiswave seattle supernova jms32 naomi(cart) namco na-1/2 namco sys10/11/12
      cabs: blast city x2, vewlix c
      klov/vaps games list | custom fight sticks
      current project(s): actually playing god of war (waiting on parts...)
    • Awesome *gets in line with everyone else*
      -My Stuff-
      Namco Sys 11 (Tek1&2 Ver.B, SE Ver.2 )
      Namco Sys 12 (Ehrgeiz, Tek3, TekTT, SC)
      Namco Sys 246 (Tek4, SC 2, some Gundam Games)
      Namco Sys 256 (Tek5 DR, more Gundam games)

      Sega Showcase (TTX2 Multi)
      NeoGeo (161in1)
      Burgertime (Dedicated)
      Capcom Big Blue (HyerSpin)
      Namco cab (2x6 Multi)
      Dynamo HS-5 (Taito F3 Bust-A-Move Again)
      Atomiswave (Ranger Mission)
      Atomiswave (Naomi2 NetBoot)
      Area 51 (Dedicated)
      Z Back (Empty)
      Space Invaders Cocktail (Empty)
      Capt America and The Avengers (Dedicated)
    • Ok, so the NEW schedule for release of the dongle solution is as follows:

      I actually think I'll be ahead of this a bit, but I had some fun going back through all my files and plans, only to find that apparently I've only made progress in the last three years over the month of October...

      Clearly this needs to stop, and I need to get the dongle out, released, and in people's hands ASAP.

      The milestones for this project are as follow:
      • Break dongle copy protection (Completed REALLY long time ago now)
      • Create hand-wired prototype (Completed October 2015)
      • Create add-on PCB prototype (Completed October 2016)
      • Review add-on PCB prototype,and investigate as a possible backup plan* (Due by September 22)
      • Create all-new PCB prototype (Due by October 31)
      • Final PCB review ready (Due by November 24)
      • Begin accepting orders (On November 24, Black Friday)
      • Delivery of first batch (100 sets) to users (Expected by December 25)
      I fully expect that I may be able to shorten this timeline quite a bit, but bank on orders opening by the end of November at the latest.

      I also perhaps over-estimated some of the time needed for many of these steps, but this is a hobby, and I'd rather plan for obstacles if possible.

      The fact that I HAVE a working prototype now will also allow me to work on some backend software that may be released along with the kits, instead of later.

      I was hoping to have a "how-to" video ready by today to show off, but perhaps that will be ready later this week instead, and when I complete the add-on PCB prototype analysis review, I can demonstrate at this point.

      If you have any other questions about the dongle, I'll be contacting DarkSoft to re-openin the thread/section for that information to posted.

      Also, given issues with the add-on pcb that made it an unreliable option, the project will be renamed (even if the backup plan* must be used), and the final product will have a new name, as yet undetermined, but it will not be MG-Claymore.

      * there is a backup plan that I'm exploring that would mean a lot LESS manufacturing time, less overhead costs, and a return of the "DIY" kit option, but there's a lot to look into with this however, as I've never worked with Flex PCB before, but electronically it's just as viable.
    • deibit wrote:

      Great news!

      How does this dongle works? It's an universal "I play all" dongle? Is it a "single game"'dongle does need to be reflashed for each game?
      It's a single game dongle, but can be though of more like the Compact Flash adapter option for the Naomi, in that you can stockpile pre-prgrammed media should you desire, and just insert the game you want to play.

      penrhos wrote:

      Just need a cd-rom emulator to go with it.. .
      You and me both. I have a solid lead on this, but I've been waiting almost a year for a prototype of it to land in my hands such that I can help make sure that it will be compatible with the 2X6 once it comes out... Not that I should complain, considering how long I've taken...
    • are there any bits of hardware we should start sourcing now if we want to hit the ground running once this comes out? obviously we need the 2x6 hardware but is there any other adapters, dongles or media we should have ready?
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    • twistedsymphony wrote:

      are there any bits of hardware we should start sourcing now if we want to hit the ground running once this comes out? obviously we need the 2x6 hardware but is there any other adapters, dongles or media we should have ready?

      Also, can the 2X6 work with modern drives, like ssd with adapters? Will optical drives still be required? etc...

      Im so excited for this to finally be released.
      MVS Multi will soon be released as well.