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    • Ok people, you've been waiting for it, so now you need to head over ========> HERE!!!! :)
      Cabs: Vewlix FC, GC 3, ID7, DinoKing, Swing, MiniCute, NAC
      Multis: CPS1│CPS2│CPS3│ST-V│F3│GNET│TTX2│MVS
      Superguns: Jasen's MK30ADCAP│RGB's HAS
      Displays: PVM 2950Q│Pioneer PDP-V402E│LG B6 65" Oled
      Scalers/Misc: OSSC│VP50Pro│Gscartsw│Hydra

      Wanted Cabs: Egret 29, Egret II, AWSD, Stern Star Trek Pinball
      Wanted Part: SFII Dynamo HS5 "Cut Corner" CP, Egret 29 Complete CP top (blue or red)