Linking up 2 Ringedge units for multiplayer

    • Linking up 2 Ringedge units for multiplayer

      So my understanding to link up 2 Ringedges is that you have the 2 game RE linked up to a dedicated RE Server.
      Each RE will have it's specific keychip of course, IE the 2 x game keychips and the Server keychip.

      Since there's only one Lan socket on each RE are they all simply plugged into a router with each RE assigned an IP address?
      Does anyone know if specific IP address's are required?

    • All depends on the game you want to link.
      Each game has a different "In Shop" Ip Range.
      There are two Routers used there.
      First Router, normally a Yamaha RT107e Router with OEM Firmware, gaves DHCP Adress Range to all the RingEdge boards, Seats, Servers, etc,
      Then This Router is conected to the Router, normally a Yamaha RTX1100, that gaves WAN IP Range to previous router and is conected to the RDSI infraestructure for get intenet access.
      That is the basic conexion, sometimes is more complicated, and more routers are used.
      For example the conexion for RingEdge2 P-Ras multi,uses that Topology.

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    • In the case of P-Ras for example, two big boxes are used.

      Answering to question that @rewrite asked me by PM...

      Here is an image of an Setup i bough 2 years ago in Yahoo, BTW it was expensive like hell, but shipping was even more:

      The Big housing only contains a Yamaha RTX107e router and 2x 8 Ethernet Hubs.
      The Smaller metallic box contains another RingEdge2 that is configured as Server Box.
    • Thanks for that info. :thumbup:

      I want to link up ID7 or ID8, surely I don't need all that stuff to do that?
      Isn't there just a dedicated RE with a server chip that controls the networking of the 2 seats?
      Someone suggested it maybe be a case of just connecting a Lan cable to each seat but I don't think that's possible.

    • That's interesting to know you can supply the server SSD.
      I assume I'd need a keychip for the server?
      I think I read that any keychip is OK?

      My main question is:
      I have 2 x ID8 RE.
      One RE is at 1.2 B and one RE is at 1.2 D, would the server update the 1.2 B to 1.2 D?
      Does the fastest laptimes save to the server or are the latimes specific to each RE?

    • The local server will allow you to link cabs and play linked games offline, not anything else.

      Is not possible to do update Seat RingEdge, etc, because for that the local server will need online conexion with Sega servers and the online service support for ID8 was closed by Sega some months ago, once IDZero was launched.
    • That's great news man. :)

      At some point I want to try linking them up, so when I'm ready I hope you can help me with the server SW etc.
      It wont be for a little while as I have a few cab projects I need to complete first. I have a bit of money tied up in those projects so before spending money on ID8 I need to sell those other projects when they are completed.

      Thanks again for answering all my questions. :thumbup: