Naomi (JVS) <-> ATX Adapter

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    • Naomi (JVS) <-> ATX Adapter

      Got an ATX 24 pin housing and pins in the mail today so I could finally assemble my adapter, as the old one I had was getting crusty. This time built to last :)

      I bought silicone 18AWG wires off ebay, which makes it soft and flexible. I used two wires for each 3.3V and 5V pin on the Naomi end, and hooked this up to a dedicated pin on the ATX side. This should keep voltage drop to a minimum not only in the adapter, but also all the way back to the ATX PSU.

      4x18AWG should be the same as 1x12AWG, which should keep voltage drop to a minimum on both 3.3V and 5V rails.

      I used a Hozan P-706crimper which worked great for the ATX side, and ok to passable on the JST-VL side.

      Naomi connector:
      ATX connector:,_Jr.
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