[Repair Log] Konami Sunset Riders

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    • [Repair Log] Konami Sunset Riders

      Aaaahhh Sunset riders!
      Just the name makes me think love is in the meadow, the smells of cows and old leather boots that feel like a tent Scout after five days of camp.
      But it is also an excellent game, which I have not had the opportunity to test.

      This pcb got several problems:
      Already, one component was missing in 15B, the ER5911.
      This is an ErasablePROM which serves a variety sauvegardes.One thing, if you change the eproms programs, you must reset it (you simply turn on the pcb still pressing TEST until the moment it asks you to release it)
      I have the stock, I set the beast on support, as usual.

      Then a bright white screen that reset at startup.
      Direct without hesitation, I checked the programs Roms, who are in 8E and 8G.
      Bad checksum ....
      I program other one on Am27C020

      and .......

      outch ... not good
      but anyway, it starts!
      The screen that you see is simply the ROM CHECK RAM at boot
      ok, only Ray Charles or a Labrador that can decode the stuff.
      So tip, we launch MAME and verified the correspondence
      (Here I launched a functional Sunset)

      Analyze the thing
      it comes right, row-level locations are the following BAD:
      14D, 18H, 12G, 3G
      Wholes are RAMS.
      Knowing my luck lined noodle, I decided to change a few RAMS.
      I boot

      and .......

      And yeah, no change: 0:
      Artillery, was searching the net the schemas of the pcb.
      The thing I look for is what is the common point between all RAMS? Because there must be one, and he is necessarily slipping into the soup.
      And then, surprise!
      I notice several things:
      1 - missing pages (not one!)
      2 - it was a trainee who did the drawing, it is wrong in references, cunt!
      few examples:

      I return to my search
      I studied along wide scheme, verified certain points, logic probe, which seem correspondrent.
      and nothing...
      Frustrating, even when a prostitute refuses you even with your bundle of 500 €.
      So I try a Plan B, I say it and of CHECK screen is good, but amlgres all I really will not be able to troubleshoot if all the components are not operating at 100% (yes, the game freezes and impossible to go beyond).
      So I rummaged in the main program and removed this test.
      This has not served a little ....
      so I rechecked once again.
      and there appears this

      Look at 12F, the outputs contain data D8 to D15
      12G was when he, his output data D0 to D7 are
      Now look 13D and 14D

      You've got it?
      But if ! look carefully !
      The fuck I tell you to look then look GOOD!
      if it was in the picture

      you can see the strings of the bass right?
      well then it is the same, all those are marked as default on D0-D7 data.
      And who is who sent this data ???
      well that's it!

      El processor!
      and rechecking a logic probe, D1 is in the cabbage.
      I could not really test the screen because of CHECK blocked the "instructions" of the processor.
      I get out the heavy artillery to be safe

      and audited the data (D0 = ch0 / ch1 = D1 D6 up etc ...)

      We can see D1 and D6 in the nails
      I recovered a 68000 a donor pcb but bad luck, this is not exactly the same processor.
      Sunset is that of operating at a MC68000P12F 16,67mhz, that of a donor MC68000P12 operated 12,5mhz.
      RAF is tested.
      I piggyback rises (thus understood a position of Kamasutra)

      it boots up and the beast ....

      -) =

      Necessarily after, crash and reboot.De growing fast.
      The processor does not tolerate too much frequency it takes in the head.
      Reverification with big bertha

      I did more than to find a MC68000P12F (purchase of a new or if someone in a separated) and transplanted.
      Repair log say 90%, unless as usual, there are other hidden defect: D

      Conclusion: the diagrams it is beautiful, this helps good but must know how to read and not to take everything as the bible.
      RL Naomi,NeoGeo,Others

      If you like my work, buy me a beer
    • Impressive work, I must say most of it go's above my head but it was a nice read.

      Correct me if I'm wrong... But isn't Sunset Riders a donor/convert for Turtles in Time?
      Wouldn't it be more profitable to convert/bootleg it?
      At 999$ (I BS you not, look at this Ebay listing) surly even a boot could demand 200~300$?
      Darksoft/Apocalypse: CPS2, CPS3, F3-β, MVS, S16-β
      RGB: RECO v2
      invzim: Jammafier v1.6b, Tri-Sync Helper
      XianXi: JNX Raiden, SC Taito Classic, SC Sega System 16/24, Namco System 11/12 KHA
      Frank_fjs: JAMMA Extender SE-HAS, Jassifier v1.6
    • I was thinking about picking up a Sunset to convert myself... Wanting a TiT and not being wealthy has limited my ability to get one.

      I do play it in MAME often, even the inferior SNES port on my Everdrive sometimes.

      Full disclosure, I had to look more than once to see the bass strings. ;)
      Darksoft/Apocalypse: CPS2, CPS3, F3-β, MVS, S16-β
      RGB: RECO v2
      invzim: Jammafier v1.6b, Tri-Sync Helper
      XianXi: JNX Raiden, SC Taito Classic, SC Sega System 16/24, Namco System 11/12 KHA
      Frank_fjs: JAMMA Extender SE-HAS, Jassifier v1.6
    • It's not as simple as a ROM swap, the mask ROMs would also need to be desoldered and changed and the customs are different between the Konami 4 player games. They use security chips and things to prevent conversion.

      It's the same hardware at a basic level, but everything else is different, that's why the Turtles prices keep going up, no way to convert to get one and when they die it's generally the customs that go, the only way to fix them is to sacrifice another Turtles board :(