Skate's Wells Gardner D9200 Adventures

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    • streetlights wrote:

      codecrank wrote:

      I have one in my blast city. would rather have an ms2930 , but I got it for good price so it's ok. my biggest gripe about it is the crappy 15k. The loud buzzing makes it unusable in a home environment. wish there was a way to fix that :/ does yours buzz as well ?
      im pretty sure my blast came from the same guy you bought your blast from...i still enjoy playing but if there is a way to minimize buzz id love to know
      From some dude in Stockton ?

      that D9200 is garbage. I mean I can't even start to enumerate the reasons why it's bad. It works ok for mame, but if I can't find a tube for the spare ms2930s chassis I have, I'm gonna replace the whole thing. Trust me, once you have gotten used a fined tuned nanao monitor, WG, Kortek, etc is a all trash in comparison.

      I have a lead a on NIB D9400 , but It's about 1/2 the price of complete blasts through Cereth.
    • yup...from the dude in stockton...i wouldnt mind upgrading the monitor...but i wouldnt know what im doing or where to start...if you ever swap yours out id like to see what it takes to do the swap or if you find a deal on 2 monitors let me know and ill go in on it

      the blasts size is awesome tho...i dont have to go into the garage anymore to play street fighter
    • OH SHIT

      I never followed up.

      Glitching was a defective degaus coil and or related circuit. Monitor is just fine without it, in 31k, 15k is still bad but maybe old flyback.

      Also trying to buy a house and making a thread about that soon somewhere over the rainbow, so these are likely to sell. If you're actually near mid-michigan I still have
      2x D9200. Both work in 31k but 15k is not ok, at least on the recapped one. honestly never tried on the other and don't care to, but it might(?). one is recapped by me personally (this thead lol). XRGB2 it and you'll be OK. [both] could use a new flyback and some minor love, the non recapped one works but definitely needs at least the large AC filer cans done. I guess I could do it but I will over charge you because I'm moving to a new house soon (seriously, I'm not a dick, but like, learn to solder. These have auto discharge so it's a great learner monitor... ;)

      BUT, fair price if you take them.

      300 recapped
      200 not, obo

      Both have some burn from wwf rumble, probably mentioned in this thread.