Sega Mega-Tech Repair Log

    • Awesome log!

      Which reminds me, I used to have a Mega-Tech board with ten or so carts. I sold the whole lot to user @mar.vetto like six years ago on the promise that he would dump two carts that were included, Fantasy Zone II and Target Earth. The latter had a crude black on white label. No idea if it was a hack or preproduction copy or something else entirely.

      I think both games are still undumped.

      Yeah man, I'm calling you out.

      EDIT: I double checked and I believe the Fantasy Zone II in Mame is the System E game.

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    • yavuzg wrote:

      ShootTheCore wrote:

      ... Hope you're enjoying the board!
      You know, I still do not know what to do with this board.
      One option is to consolize it, make a plexiglass case, put a small LCD on top of it for the game menu etc... Would be a good project but personally I'm not so into consolizing arcade systems. Also to just play games, my other Genesis + Mega Everdrive is more convenient than a 2-3 Kg bulky giant consolized mega-tech.

      Other option is to plug it in one of my cabinets. This option sounds more logical to me for now. But the downside is what will I do for the second monitor? May be a monitor switch could be used?

      Another option is to build a mega-tech repro cabinet from scratch (second monitor etc) and put this pcb in it. But that is the hardest path which I do not see enough motivitaion in me...

      For now, I just packed it and shelved it :)

      on my sega mega tech custom cabinet, I modified a cherry gold prize machine to megatech cabinet, I used as second monitor a txfbm019tb2 (7" Panasonic LCD)
      Long time ago i found a Japanese forum where was described how to wire this lcd screen to 15khz signal directly
      It works just perfect, i love it, I will add a picture of it

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    • I love mega tech and I play it a lot
      I have been able to hack megatech cartridges with many megadrives game, just changing some pinouts and program eproms with games i want
      I till have some mega drive to megatech adpater that make me able to play most of mega drive games on megatech
      But I am not able to play my favorite game on megatech, game is NBA JAM, i tested all version from japan to Usa to Export but seems there
      is something on Megatech motherboard that stop NBA Jam to work, game start and till presentation screen and then it stops at Iguana entertainment screen
      I thing this is soemthing about the chip you repair, it is about region
      I would really love to solve this problem and play NBA Jam on Megatech

      About the two games received from NEM, I am totally open to share them with anyone, or to dump them and share files
    • For now, I've Just plugged the PCB in one of the empty JAMMA slots in my Neo Geo cabinet. wired the game select button to the button. This way, you can shuffle through the game list without even seeing it, and the selected game just got displayed on the main monitor. No need for the second monitor.

      BUT it is a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis after all. I personally don't see a major point to use this PCB in a cabinet other than its original cabinet.

      I still don't know what to do with it... :)