Pinned System 32 desuicide and conversions: all games patched and released!

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    • Hi!

      I have a Revision A Golden Axe 2 board, and the patched ROMs appear to be for Revision B? I tried replacing them in the corresponding slots, and it is still not booting. These are the ones I swapped:

      EPR-14957a.ic8 -> EPR-14958b.ic8
      EPR-14945a.ic9 -> EPR-15147b.ic9
      EPR-14960a.ic17 -> EPR-14961b.ic17
      EPR-15146a.ic18 -> EPR-15148b.ic18

      Should this work? Or do I have to replace every EPROM on the board? I also verified the jumpers were correct.

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