First cabinet! Sega Blast City

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    • First cabinet! Sega Blast City

      Hi everyone!

      I'm new to the forum - my intro thread was only a month ago where I mentioned I was waiting for the right cab, which didn't take long! I'm now the proud owner of a Blast City, courtesy of Cereth's import thread in the trade/sale forum. It arrived on Sunday, so I'm slowly poking at it and making plans.

      Link to Imgur album

      Initial thoughts:
      • This cab is in pretty excellent shape! No major cleaning is required, although there are some light scratches on the screen bezel that I'll hit with some Novus polish. The coin mech reads 23590, which means this machine has seen about $20,000 worth of plays, right?
      • My first major operation will be to swap the PSU fan because it sounds like death. Internet says it's just a regular 12V 80mm fan with a JST connector - are there any other limitations to watch out for, here? If not, I'm partial to Noctua fans so I'll probably go for that.
      • Testing it with a borrowed SFII board, the screen looks pretty good to me (no ghosting or burn-in) but has some convergence issues and blurriness in the corners. I'm no connoisseur, but I think the next step will be taking a look at the chassis to look for goop and figure out if I can improve the picture with adjustments or if I try my hand at recapping it.
      • The button harness isn't complete or in that great a shape, so I may end up making replacement harnesses for the control panel. The controls are a bit mushy too, so I'll probably replace them with the original pink and green color scheme as seen on the marketing flyers.
      Now the hunt is on for a NAOMI to put in it! Thanks for reading! :D
    • Really nice cab man. Very clean. I can vouch for Cereth. Haven't bought a cab from him yet, but have bought other things from him. Very reputable guy.

      I don't think you'll have a problem finding a Naomi. Whereabouts in San Jose are you located?
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    • New

      I don't think there's a Blast City out there with good corner convergence. Mine are all terrible.

      Don't worry about the black goop of death. I have it in all of mine and they're all running fine.

      They're nice cabs. First order of business should be to remove the PSU (at the back, four screws in the corners, then pull) and open it up. It's most likely dusty as hell. Mine were absolutely covered in muck, so much so that the fans had seized. Hit it with an air compressor and then swap the fan.