Sending email via User Profile

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    • Sending email via User Profile

      Made some changes to how users are able to contact each other.

      From the user profile page you can click on "Send Email" or "New PM"

      "Send Email" would take you to a page where you could enter your message, and it is then emailed to the user.

      This email button on your user profile page is controlled by your user settings, Privacy -> Can Send Me Emails. The default for this setting is "Registered Users"

      It has now been changed to "Nobody", and is the default for new user registrations.

      Now we only have the PM button, and less confusion how to contact each other! Users can still turn it back on if they want to be emailed :)

      Source Code

      1. 0:wcf.user.access.everyone
      2. 1:wcf.user.access.registered
      3. 2:wcf.user.access.following
      4. 3:wcf.user.access.nobody
      5. UPDATE `wcf1_user_option_value` SET `userOption21` = 3 WHERE `userOption21` = 0;
      6. 1 row affected. (Query took 0.0061 seconds.)
      7. UPDATE `wcf1_user_option_value` SET `userOption21` = 3 WHERE `userOption21` = 1;
      8. 3592 rows affected. (Query took 0.0052 seconds.)