CPS2 Black all in one conversion / multi?

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    • CPS2 Black all in one conversion / multi?

      I see it's possible to reprogram the Simm for a CPS2 all in one, do these support the whole CPS2 range or just the games that came out in black?

      Ideally I'd like to make a SF Zero 3 all in one from an MVC, what would I need?

      I dont have a CP3

      any chance of a multi option for the all one one?
      Looking for: more space!
    • If you don't have a CPS3 system, reprogrmming that obscure SIMM is next to impossible to you...

      Regarding, converting it to another game, not everything is in that SIMM. The sound/music and gfx data is still on the regular mask roms on the PCB. So you also have to replace them with reprogrammed versions to convert your PCB.

      Regarding your last question, I believe chances for a multi option for an all-in-one system would be quite slim. To me its pointless since the functionality of an all-in-one is not different than a regular A+B CPS2.
    • Yes it's possible. I've done the exact same thing you're trying to do. You'll need a cps3 board with darksoft bios to burn the main program files to the simm, burn the graphics and sound roms to the appropriate EProms, then adjust the jumpers on the board.

      Also note: I had trouble burning the 980904 version of alpha 3 to the SIMM. I would always get a blue screen on boot up. Switched it to the 980629 version and it booted up just fine. I thought it was just me, but someone else tried the same thing and it failed to boot 980904.
    • The roms used in CPS2 all in ones are 64Mb, not 32mb like all other CPS2 roms. They come equipped with a unique pal chip that can address the 2nd “page” of 32mbit data.

      Normal CPS2 carts don’t do this high.

      I once tried getting peogear running on an all-in-one by reprogramming the simm and flashing some EPROMs (split into 32mbit half’s). The game played but the sound and graphics were bad since 32mbit roms aren’t properly addressed on the all-in-one.

      If someone figures out how to run lower meg games please do tell, but I don’t think it’s possible without redoing the PLD (the normal -G revision doesn’t work).
    • It doesn’t take 16mb or 32mb roms, it seems the PLD (which is specific to this revision) is set up for 64mb roms ONLY.

      I tried using a -G revision pal (as mentioned) but no luck. It could be a matter of jumpers but I don’t think it is. All of the “all in one” games that I’ve seen use 64mb mask roms.

      It would be sick to run another game on it. I’d be willing to run some tests if anyone has ideas to get it to take smaller sized roms. I have a couple all in one boards as well as a Darksoft cps3 for rewriting the program data.
    • I dont think so. I've burned eproms specifically for a Gpal B-Board and put them in a Cps2Black all in one. No issues whatsoever. Watch this video made by mitsurugi-w to show you how he converted his using m37c322 mask roms

      BTW if you're saying you're able to load the game, but get audio issues, that sounds like jumper issues. For G-Pal games, Open up all the jumpers (OOOO).

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    • As I recall I had graphics issues, can't remember if I had audio issues as well (it was over a year ago). I tried to do progear on a MVC all-in-one. I simply installed the 27c322 eproms in their respective sockets as you would the other conversions but it was a no go.

      I'll try to revisit later this week!