TTX - repairs.

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    • TTX - repairs.

      Picked up a "Junk Treatment" TTX from YAJ for just $20 - I was just after the JVS card for a teknoparrot rig I'm building but I thought I'd give the TTX a try - I've unplugged everything so I can test the PSU & M/B only at this point.

      Plug a monitor into the on-board VGA and apply some power = Nothing, nadda, so at least I know where I'm starting from.

      Took the PSU out the case and put my trusty ATX PSU tester on it and 4 green LED's + 2 red LED's - so that's shot. I haven't got a PSU that'll fit into the TTX case so I'l have to swap the TTX into a spare MATX case I have to test further.

      Fires it up again and we have signs of life...

      CMOS error followed by the Tatio splash screen - motherboard is alive!

      Plugged the Video card back in (ATI 9600SE) - no signs of life, swapped it out for an ATI 9550 And again CMOS error & Tatio splash screen, fitted a new CR2032, swapped the 256mb dimm for 2 * 512Mb dimms and we're away...

      So it had a DEAD PSU, DEAD video card & a flat CMOS battery.

      I now have a few issues to resolve:-
      1) How do you get into the BIOS to set time/date and boot sequence & what should the settings be?
      2) How do I test the i/o without a working TTX hard drive/dongle?
      3) Do I need to re-cap the motherboard as three of the caps next to the CPU are bulging & one near the first PCI slot is as well.
      4) What CPU can I fit into this as a 2.5Ghz Cel' is a bit weedy.

      So I have what looks like a working TTX for the grand sum of $40.

      I've got the TTX games for RH Launcher - can I convert these back to a bootable TTX drive?

      Could I install a CF-IDE adapter and put a game on a 1GB CF card or can you get it to boot from the SATA ports instead?
    • i dont understand why people use that game loader rh. when none of the games need it lol.

      anyway go into mame find an x1 game chd, get a replacement gpu, and flash the vbios

      once you do that burn the chd to a disk,

      then on your own pc go into the registry and mount the registry form the x1 drive. search for the "shell" key, and set that to the path of a untouched x1 game.exe

      plug drive back into x1 and it should boot into a decypted copy of the game you set as the shell
    • I'm getting error 900 - so presumably I've missed something.

      I used CHDMAN extracthd -i xxx.chd -o xxx.iso then win32diskimager to write the iso to a spare 40Gb IDE drive I had, the TTX boots from the drive but stops at a blue screen with "Error 900" - which I assume is missing dongle.