Sega Model 2 / 3 hacked romsets?

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    • gamemaster14 wrote:

      Yeah, getting that music board to work with Spikeout was one of the hardest things I have had to do. The harness wiring isn't hard but sadly, different manuals show the pinouts differently making it very confusing.

      If I recall correctly, Sega Model 2 game Top Skater and Model 3 game Lost World Jurassic Park Special both use DSB2 as well.
      I think the issue is that some games like Sega Rally 2 only use the front channel, whereas Daytona 2 and Spikeout use front and rear channels.
      What manuals did you get the schematics/pinouts from?

      I've got some spare little mixers just in case so hopefully I can get Spikeout sounding great through the speakers on my SR2 cab.