About Sega Lindbergh Graphic Card.

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    • About Sega Lindbergh Graphic Card.

      Hello guys
      My friend has found a lindbergh. But it hasn't got any graphic card.
      So the question is: if i found a normal 7800GS , will it work with the Lindbergh or should i do some bios process like Type X2 ?
      if we need to replace the bios, how can i find it ?
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    • Hello,
      I join this thread because it is focused on Lindbergh's GPU so I hope to found here some help about my 7800GS.
      Recently I have purchased from a Mac user a flashed 7800GS that I found not faster enough to replace my beloved X800XT and after some web search it turned out to be a Lindbergh "Limited Edition" board, to be more precise is the one with larger heatsink covered by a orange/brown theme, this one:

      This nice find gives me the start of a plan I had in mind since many years: put working arcade machine together so why not to start with a SEGA Lindbergh? The problem is that particular board doesn't seems to be compatible with the same firmware of the usual "silver heatsink" model and I have tried this by myself reflashing that BIOS ( maybe because the GPU under the heatsing is not the usual 7800 but a 7800GT one. On the board itself there are no labels about this so the right version to use is for me a total mystery.
      Also the timings of memory must be different because on this model the RAM chips are not covered by the heath spreader like the classic 7800GS so I guess they are running cooler and therefore the layout must be different.
      I borrowed the Lindbergh GPU BIOS from another 7800GS (the usual one) a friend has loaned me but since I haven't (yet) a true Lindbergh rig to test I have installed it in a regular PC and while the "OLD" 7800GS can be used without problem as Win10 graphic board, the "NEW" one pictured here does not allow the PC to boot at all (infinite POST loop) so the right firmware would be really needed here.

      May someone having the same board tell me something more about this? At least the right BIOS version to use, any help will be very appriciated!