Plastic Nightmare (Jaleco Pony Mk IV)

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    • Plastic Nightmare (Jaleco Pony Mk IV)

      Thought id share some pictures, this happened years ago now. I bought this Jaleco Pony Mr IV and new some of the plastic was brittle on some of the tabs around the monitor shroud.

      Unfortunately the night I bought it, the control panel top slipped off (The locking tabs broke) and fell to the ground as I was getting it through the door. Thankfully when it shattered it was in mostly large pieces and we were able to glue it mostly together. Lesson of the story is, if you buy one of these cabs, the plastic can can become very brittle. I ended up giving this cab to my father, his first, and we thought about bondoing and sanding it but it just seems to be getting worse and worse over time across the entire top of the CP. Id like to get a metal one made for it, but im not sure if we want to put that kind of investment in, and I do not know anyone who could fabricate it either.


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    • Bondo it like a car, sand it smooth, and professionally spray paint the entire piece.
      I really don't see any other option short of a full replacement.
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    • getting one in metal isn't really feasible. the only people who might be able to do that is an auto body shop that specializes in customs (hot rods, choppers, etc), but expect to pay up to a grand to have just that piece made.

      a more feasible option would be to duplicate that part in fiberglas, fix up the original panel as best you can, bondo it so it's perfectly smooth, then use that to create a negative in clay, then lay down fiberglas in your new "mold". once that's complete you trim off the excess , sand and paint it.

      Here's a quick and dirty explanation on how to do it:

      you'll just need a whole lot more clay, I've seen people use this method to duplicate whole car bumpers so control panel boxes should be possible. obviously with something that large you're not going to push it into a hunk of clay but rather apply the clay directly to the part until you've built up a mold. I also recommend building a wood box ( or rather 3-5 sides of one) around your clay mold to keep it from sagging/shifting because it really sucks to spend all that time and end up with a warped part because your clay drooped.

      there are TONS of videos on this stuff.
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