PC/console controls that can be modded to work with arcade games via S-JIHP

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    • Ok, so here's my effort with the Dreamcast steering wheel. I used the European version HKT-7430, make sure you check which version you have as the wires are different colours on the 9 pin connector compared to HKT-7400.

      There is alot of room to work with inside, so I took advantage of this and screwed a DB25 breakout board onto the right hand side stand of the original PCB.
      I'm useless at soldering so prefer terminals and I had a spare cable to use.

      Another thing, if you want to check the wiring inside the actual wheel, only 4 of the screws around the centre circle on the front are real and need to be removed (along with the ones around the back of the wheel itself.) The rest in the middle are decorative only.

      I wired the buttons:

      A - Service
      B - Test
      Minus - P1 down
      Plus - Aux2
      Start - Start

      I used dupont cables on the helper from Aux2 (plus button) to P2 SW1, that is for boost in Sega race tv and also RTuned.
      I also put a dupont cable from P1 Down (minus button) to P2 Up. I didn't cut any traces.

      This allows you to use the minus button to change view in OR2, and in initial D it moves on the menus where you choose car and colour etc, same with RTuned and then during a race in RTuned it changes the view (without messing up the gears)

      For the main steering pot, I didn't remove the 5v and Ground, I just switched them over when connecting to the terminals.

      I play all the racing games with auto transmission.

      Hope this helps someone.
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