behaviour if wrong BIOS - Netdimm

    • behaviour if wrong BIOS - Netdimm

      Hello All,

      I just got a NetDIMM (v3.01, 256MB of ram) and plan to set it up with piforce. I have a new multibios chip coming, but the Netdimm arrived much sooner than it.

      My current BIOS on my Naomi2 is EPR-23607 B

      When I put the netdimm in - i don't get any screen at all - no naomi2 loading screen, etc. I tested and the naomi2 does boot all my other cartridges fine.

      Is this expected behaviour with this version of BIOS? I saw some conflicting information that this BIOS might work...



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    • reading through some other threads - maybe it's my power supply? When I have the NetDIMM plugged into either the Naomi1 or Naomi2 it's the same behaviour - i see the LED's on the netDIMM flash briefly, and then nothing... the fan stays on in the naomi(1|2) but nothing happens.

      I have a SUN 400-5397-01 - input is AC100-120V, 3A. I think that is only 350watts? So sounds like the netdimm needs more - if someone would validate then I can go look for another PS.

      This one runs any N1 or N2 game I throw at it right now.


    • Update - I ended up getting a new Seasonic power supply (love them) and a JVS->ATX adapter from

      Plugged it all in - SAME behaviour!

      As I was sitting there mulling it over, it finally came up - it took about 20-30 seconds.

      I then wondered if my old SUN power supply in, if it would work - and lo and behold it does.

      In all my scouring nowhere did I see a note that said "it won't boot up as quick as your naomi2 - wait at least a minute"...

      <sheepish grin>

      So now I have a good PS for my Naomi1 setup as well I suppose!

    • mathewbeall wrote:

      I have a SUN 400-5397-01
      This should be perfectly fine for a NAOMI with a Net DIMM I use this PSU unit on most of mine without any problems.

      Your BIOS rev is way too low to support Net Booting, but I believe it should still boot with the Net DIMM installed.

      I would recommend first inspecting the pins on the connectors of the Net DIMM board to make sure none of them are bent missing or dirty (it can't hurt to check out the mating connectors on your NAOMI as well.

      if that looks good then make sure it's locked down into position firmly, there's a reason the factory shipps these secured with screws, because sometimes you need that pressure to make a solid connection, it can't hurt trying to boot up while putting pressure on the NET DIMM

      finally I would recommend taking a multi meter and with the board running measure the voltage on one of the 3.3V power pins (brown wires) and the voltage on one of the 5V power pins (yellow wires) the ground reference should be any one of the white wires on the power pins.

      I tend to set my 5V so it reads between V5.05 and V5.10 and my 3.3V so it reads between 3.30V and 3.40V There are adjustment Pots on the SUN PSU to set this.

      if the voltage is fluxuating while you're measuring or you can't adjust it to spec, then your PSU may need to be rebuilt.

      EDIT: sorry I missed the fact that you got this working by simply waiting for it to boot :D yup with a Net DIMM it can take 15-20 seconds before you see the logo.
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    • OH N2 I was thinking N1... yeah I'm pretty sure all but the very first version bios for N2 will work
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