CMVS (MV-1FZS) PSU Question

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    • CMVS (MV-1FZS) PSU Question

      Hello there,

      I've a question regarding the PSU in combination with the @Darksoft Multi.

      I own a consolized MV-1FZS that runs with a PSU with 5V/2A and 12V/2A without any problems so far. (Yes, I know that the manual says that I should use a PSU with 5V/7A and 12V/1A but I've read on mutiple sites that the specifications of my PSU are sufficient enough. ^^ )

      Now I'm asking myself if the 2A current would still be enough when using the Darksoft Multi or if I will run into trouble i.e. ruining/damaging the CMVS or even the Multi? ?(

      I hope my worries are unfounded but I just wanted to ask bevor the Multi arrives...


      EDIT: Tested successfully with my PSU! :D

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