Neo Geo MVS Control Panel Joystick Conversion

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    • Neo Geo MVS Control Panel Joystick Conversion

      I bought an MVS conversion cab's control panel in order to convert it to a stand-alone dual joystick for arcade gaming. I didn't know this at the time, but it would turn out be my father's final woodworking project before he passed away in 2015. We whipped up the shell in one night with beers in his garage, so it's a great memory :D

      The box is made from leftover hickory flooring panels, and we re-cut the original backing from a fresh piece of pine that I painted with a hammered black finish. I also removed the ugly black overlay stickers and installed new cherry switches. The sticks are IL competitions. I was going to re-cut a new plexi, but it polished up pretty well with a Novus Kit. I was originally planning on painting it black, but the wood looks nice enough that I decided to keep its factory-flooring finish. It's really dense wood and ate drill bits like nothing I've seen.That probably makes it a good match to arcade equipment.

      I wired it up myself, soldering every quick disconnect to its cable. There are also two side buttons for coins that you can't see in the pictures.

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