Graphics issues with a SFII: CE board

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    • Graphics issues with a SFII: CE board

      Hopefully I'm making this thread in the right place.

      I recently got a rather beat up SFII:CE board. I'm getting some pretty wild graphical errors on it and wanted to see what you guys think the cause is. The game seems to run judging by the music and sound effects. I'm pretty curious about the EEPROMS at 11A and 12C so I took a closer picture of them. Here's a video of the graphical errors and a picture of the board.

      Thanks for looking

      EDIT: It was the A board. Thanks for the help everybody.
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    • There's a couple of possibilities here for your symptoms. Here's a few easy things to try first:

      1) Disconnect the A, B, and C boards from each other. Carefully inspect the pins inside the connectors to make sure that none of the pins are bent or missing. Also carefully inspect the backside of each board and look for scratches that could break a circuit path. If everything looks good, firmly reconnect the boards back together and retest.

      2) If the game still isn't working correctly, separate the boards again. This time, carefully use a small, flat head screwdriver to remove each socketed chip on the B board one at a time. Use a can of compressed air to spray the dust off of the empty socket. Check the removed chip for bent or missing pins. Then, firmly press the removed chip back into its socket, making sure that all of the pins are lined up properly. Support the back of the board with your other hand while pressing the chip into the socket to prevent the board from flexing. Then firmly reconnect the boards back together and retest.

      3) If the game still isn't working correctly after this, there is a chance that one of the ROM chips is corrupted, or one of the PID chips has failed. Carefully touch each chip surface on the B board with your finger while the game is running and see if any of them are burning hot - if a chip is burning hot to the touch, then it has failed and will need to be replaced. If all of the chips are cool, then you will need to remove each ROM chip again from the sockets, dump it with a reader, and compare the dumped contents against MAME. Let us know if you need more help with this step.

      4) If you have access to another CPS game, you can try swapping the A (bottom) board with the other game to see if that's your culprit. You can also swap the C (top) board with another CPS game if it has the same model number.
    • MinkeyB wrote:

      I'm pretty curious about the EEPROMS at 11A and 12C so I took a closer picture of them.
      They contain sound samples so no need to worry about them if sound effects work.

      Can I go for a lucky guess? Faulty CPS-A-01 custom chip on the A-board.
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    • xodaraP wrote:

      I've seen this fault before - game broken up into 1cm blocks was the PAL at 1A on the B board, replace that if you can
      Oh I missed that chip when I reseated the rest of 'em. Reseating it fixed the garbled graphics but I'm still missing the foreground sprites. Also the sound effects are pretty quiet but I figure I should solve the graphics issue first.

      If a new 1A will fix my problem Is there someone on here I could contact to get a new chip burnt or should I just use buyicnow?
    • MinkeyB wrote:

      Finally got a chance to test all the ROMs and they all came back fine. So probably an A board issue then?
      Had the same exact issue as you with the graphics. I'm horrible at percentages but I'm close to saying I'm 99.99% sure it's a faulty component on the A board. Your best shot to determine your problem is to find or borrow an A or A Dash board, plug in the game and power it up.