[Resolved] Initial D6 / Initial D7 : error 5101

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    • [Resolved] Initial D6 / Initial D7 : error 5101

      Hello everyone

      I am currently converting a Cab Initial D (1) into Cab "HD" to play at ID4.5 (Lindbergh) and 6.7 (Ringedge).
      For now, I just remove the screen, put a 27 "screen (too big).
      I also remove the i / o type1 and put a type 3.
      I also remove the old card reader.
      Two weeks ago, I launched ID7 without problem (without really playing, I removed the seat, but I started a game).

      Today, I put ID6 and hope to play:
      impossible. The game starts, I have attract mode, I put a credit, and when I press START: error 5101.
      I am trying to access the test mode.
      I press once the test button, the test mode appears quickly but the game restarts automatically! I press again and this time the test menu appears.
      GAME TEST MODE flashes in blue, I can go down in the menu with the service or view button, but can not validate with TEST or start. GAME MODE TEST goes white again.
      I can not go out, I have to turn off.
      Same problem with ID7.

      I thought I had a false contact, a wiring problem, I put my system NAOMI 2 with ID1: everything works!
      I walk without problems in the test menu!
      I do not understand anything ... if you have an idea, I'm interested!
    • I think that test and service may be wired differently. Check the schematics of ID6 and ID7. Besides that, notice that the card reader can be switched between OFF and NOT INSTALLED. If you choose OFF it will still check if it's still there and will give an error if it can't find it, but if you choose NOT INSTALLED (or something like that) it will run and not even check if it's there.
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      * If you want Drama go to Neo-Geo forum ---Darksoft
    • Just to add to this, ID4 can use the same setup as 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 for the JVS I/O ver 3 board.

      If the error is directly related to the card reader, the JVS I/O board should be ok. You should go into the test menu and run an Input Test to make sure all the inputs are responding.

      As with @Darksofts statement, If you turn off the card reader in the test menu, you shouldn't even reach that card insert screen. On boot, if the card reader is turned off, that whole screen gets bypassed when you start a game.

      Here is the diagram for ID4 showing Test/Service which should match your observations:

      Check COM2 for the card reader connections if your issue is indeed related to the card reader:
    • I come back to my MENU problem under RingEdge.
      I could not navigate the RingEdge's TEST menu: once in the menu, I could not even get out of it.
      I may have a wiring problem? To move this RaceCab ', I had more fully disassembled.
      I use an NAOMI motherboard:

      So I have "1" without even pressing buttons ...
      The 2 "1" aligned are for the shifter: in UP or DOWN, they go to 0.
      I find it strange, but it works ...
      For the other 1, on the line of the PLAYER 1, I lean therefore initially for a problem on my wiring.
      Finally, I decided to look at the side of my cab Crazy Taxi:

      Everything is good at "0" here at rest ... so I have 3 problems.
      Before going back to the gameroom, I check on my other cab 'Initial D at home:

      I always have the 1 isolated on the PLAYER 1 line
      By cons my shifter is badly wired.
      Looking at the connector, there is a loop (white cable) corresponding to this "1" ... strange!

      I go back to the gameroom, redo the wiring of the shifter: I have many 0 now!
      I reinstall my Ringedge: always the same problem of menu!
      Cutting pliers:

      I restart the cab ':

      That was the problem, incredible! Why this loop in the original wiring of the cab ID?
      In the end, here is a little recap 'that can serve: