PLEASE VOTE!!!: Konami Sound Module Hybrid Repros

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    • PLEASE VOTE!!!: Konami Sound Module Hybrid Repros

      Caius and I would like to get a general idea of how many of these we can sell. We will sell both the 054544 and 054986A modules. The modules are used in the games below:




      Lethal Enforcers
      GI Joe
      Metamorphic Force
      Run N Gun
      Premiere Soccer
      Bucky O'hare
      Violent Storm
      Monster Maulers
      Cowboys of Moo-Mesa
      Martial Champions
      Mystic Warriors

      There is also a 056747 module out there that is fully compatible with the 054986A module.

      We have not set a price yet on these but I can tell you it will be more than the Ian Kellog version. The parts alone cost way more than he was charging for a kit. I have no idea how he made any money. Maybe he didn't. We will sell unsoldered kits, preassembled kits, and we will offer the female pin headers to install on the pcb for an additional $5 as an option if you want them. We had these headers manufactured to our exact specs, no cutting required. These headers are so you can plug and unplug the module from the pcb for service in the future if needed.

      So in the next two posts are polls. One for USA/South America and one for Europe and the rest of the world. Please only answer the poll that corresponds to your region. This will help us gauge demand for the modules. They require quite a few different individual parts that need to be ordered and inventoried.
    • THIS POLL IS FOR EUROPE AND THE REST OF THE WORLD!! Which sound module and option will you purchase? 10
        054544 unsoldered kit (3) 30%
        054544 pre-assembled kit (4) 40%
        054986A unsoldered kit (5) 50%
        054986A pre-assembled kit (4) 40%
      This poll is for Europe and the rest of the world (besides USA and South America)
    • Right now we are tentatively planning on the unsoldered kit to be $50 (may change). This includes a new DAC but you will still need to harvest your old ASIC from your current module (unless someone can reverse engineer it in the future). Assembled kits will probably be different prices depending on if you get it from me or Caius since we can't agree on a set price there (one's time may be more valuable than the next person's).

      I personally will offer the assembly or installation as separate services depending on your preference and how much you think you can do yourself. Removing the old module and clearing the solder holes is honestly the hardest part of the entire job.
    • I personally prefer to have a ready solution, but probably the best is to let people decide. Offer the kit as is and then as an extra the assembly. They will decide by themselves based on their time and skills.
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    • I would take one of each + sockets.
      not sure if I would take unsoldered or complete, depending on the exact work involved...

      What exactly would be needed in order to replace them?

      Is my understanding correct?

      - Remove old module from board
      - Install socket to the board (optional)
      - Assemble sound module
      - Harvest exactly which parts from the original? Just the ASCI?
      - Install in the socket
      - Enjoy!
    • Yeah, remove the module and clean out the holes.
      Remove the ASIC from the old module (has not been reverse engineered so must be harvested)
      Assemble the new module (one has 33 smd parts and the other has 26)
      Install the pin headers on the module and the optional sockets on the pcb
      Plug into pcb
      Enjoy (assuming your ASIC is good.
    • pulstarx wrote:

      I remember the sound to be corrupted. I could still somewhat make out the music etc.
      I think it sounded more like an analog problem, so hopefully it's the amp.
      Not sure if some sfx were missing, it has been a year and I currently have no access to the PCB.
      I think, the AD1868R DAC is bad since, if the 054321 was really bad, the board would not boot showing you errors on RAM/ROM check at startup.Don't forget the ASIC has only digital functions.
    • Derick2k wrote:

      Should a donation drive be made to reverse engineer those customs on these sound modules??

      Im sure we have people here or know people with the skills to do it.

      I would definitely put some $$ behind such effort.
      I'm currently working on it and should get help from someone with right skills.
    • caius wrote:

      Derick2k wrote:

      Should a donation drive be made to reverse engineer those customs on these sound modules??

      Im sure we have people here or know people with the skills to do it.

      I would definitely put some $$ behind such effort.
      I'm currently working on it and should get help from someone with right skills.
      Awesome!!!!!! I look forward to ordering fully assembled replacements for each of my boards :thumbsup:
    • So I'll be that guy... I bought an Ian Kellogg board for my xmen a while ago, but haven't swapped it out because the sound is currently fine. But wow it was inexpensive. His doesn't come with a DAC and of course you have to move the ASIC but it was a sweeeet deal. Honestly while he's still stocking those, I'd say you guys shouldn't even make the 054554's.

      However if you reverse engineer the ASIC and sell drop-in pre-assembled replacements, that's an easy purchase for me. Hell I'd probably replace it preemptively. I'm only using the Kellogg kit when my original dies, since I'm afraid of goofing up the ASIC during the swap.
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    • ShootTheCore wrote:

      I have a Xexex on its way that’s missing the sound module, so I’m ecstatic that Caius and Company have a complete substitute available. All due respect to Ian Kellogg, but I’m baffled as to why he omitted a circuit that Xexex needs in his reproduction module.
      He didn't have an Xexex but he did have an X-men. He noticed a certain part of the circuit on the module was not used in X-men so he assumed it was not used in Xexex also. It's a good assumption actually. Only two games used that module. Well he was unlucky enough to find our Xexex did use it after he ordered his designs. He said he would correct it but he never did. I think some shitty stuff happened in his personal life. Caius got tired of waiting so that's really the reason this one is here now. ;)