Pinned Neo Geo Roll-Up Pack: All ROMs for the MVS & AES Multis

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    • ShootTheCore wrote:

      RetroRGB wrote:

      I have the latest version of the rollup pack and the Monitor Test Tool isn't showing up in the game list. I've tested on both an AES and MVS cart, both with the latest firmware, menu and rollup pack. There's just nothing there - No "Monitor Tool", "Neo Monitor Tool", etc.

      I've verified that the folder is on the SD card and even tried re-adding it using the "update" file.

      Is there anyone that can help with this? That tool is an essential part of my hardware testing and would be needed for anyone doing direct RGB capture.
      Did you delete the BUFF file on the card? You need to do that anytime you change the game folders so the Multi can rebuild the game list.

      If that doesn’t work, I believe you can fake the Monitor Test Tool into working by copying its files into the folder of an existing game that originally uses a PROGGSC board like Fight Fever or Art of Fighting 2. Make sure you rename the Tool’s file names to match the ones you’re overwriting. When you select the game with the overwritten files from the game list on the Multi then the Tool should load up instead.
      I tried adding the "injected" rom to my AES cart, deleted the BUFF file and tried launching. It just goes to a black screen. I'm on a 3-6 AES running the UniBIOS. Anyone else have this issue?
    • That homebrew tool was deactivated from the game list for now. If you want to run it, just replace any game folder with the monitor tool (converted to the multi format) and you'll be able to run it. You can get it already converted from here:

      It replaces the folder 2020bb (set 1).
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    • RetroRGB wrote:

      ekorz wrote:

      I bet they need to add that rom to the whitelist. The menu only supports specific roms so no neo dev team roms can be played, and also to keep a lot of the hacks out while the official ones were still being bug fixed.
      It's listed as part of the latest rollup pack.
      I think smoke has a bunch of stuff in the pack that he anticipates will get support (and I mean inclusion in the menu without doing that substitution step DS described.. I bet a lot of homebrew/hack roms would play that way), but it’s still a small bit in progress to ensure support of the official library 100%
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