jamma 2 in 1 switcher, game switches exept sound

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    • OK so this one isnt a mikes.. but I can figure it out ;)

      it does the same thing though.. see how each of the jamma connector edges have 2 large pads at the beginning of it.. those are your Pin 1 / Pin 2, your +5v and ground.. going to need a jamma pinout in front of me to tell you which is which.. but from there its butter.

      if its setup like a mikes, one side is the jamma to machine, the center is board 1, and the other side is board 2..

      so the big pads component side are pin 1 -> 26 going left to right on the center edge
      bottom edge with soldered wires looks correct - again pin 1 ->26 going left to right
      and top is the reversed - pin 1 is far right - so its 26 - > 1 left to right

      Personally I would get some edge connectors on there and wire up the harness but that is just me..

      When you wire this up.. all the colors on the inverted edge connector should match and be in the SAME order (just right to left) as your bottom pin out is left to right: IE. Pin 1 on the bottom, see how it is brown, then red, then red -- do THAT SAME order on the top but start at the furthest right pin.. as that is pin one.. so with a set of wires (same colors) start at the right and solder those in (or put them into the edge connector top side that way). Then do the same for the bottom.

      Once that is done.. you will take the OTHER end of the top and wire it BACKWARDS -- so when you wire in the edge connector side.. PIN 1 will be the FAR left top row (component side) -- so then you follow the same color order as you have soldered to the bottom edge connector.. so Far left top pin 1 - is brown, red, red, etc until you finish.. so this way you have a correct orientation on the edge connector that plugs into your board, and it was inverted on the switcher.. it will solve your problem.

      that is ONLY for board 2 though.. because the way these switchers are designed the second board pinout is inverted..
      board one can just use a straight harness extender and the pin outs are 1:1 for the wires and the harness going left to right pin 1 - pin 26