Lindbergh Yellow repair - dead HDD - Initial-D Arcade Stage 5

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    • Lindbergh Yellow repair - dead HDD - Initial-D Arcade Stage 5

      I have two Initial-D Arcade Stage 5 seats here, and one has a dead hard disk drive. The hard disk is a 40GB Western Digital WD400BB-00JHC0 with a build date of March 2007. I have no restore disk.

      I either need to locate an installation disc, or clone the working hard drive in the other seat.

      Does anyone have an installation disc I can borrow? Alternatively is there a way to unlock the working HDD and use WinHEX or some other cloning software to make a backup?

      Is the HDD locking using the ATA security? If so a possible solution might be found HERE where someone has worked out a method to unlock WD drives.
    • Have not found any disks for initial d5 but you might want to list your region and version.
      Arcade: F355 Challenge Deluxe, Super Chexx, Sega Rally 3 Deluxe, Dynamo Hotflash, Strike Master, Slugfest, Sonic Coin Roller
      Pinball - Alien, Avatar LE, Pinball Magic Sample, Rob Zombie LE, America's Most Haunted, Mystery Castle, USA Football, Transporter, Radical Sample, Last Action Hero
      Wanted: Namco Cool Gunman, Quick & Crash, Megalo 410, DE Slapshot
    • One other thing to note if you are able to restore your drive vs reinstall, the install DVD will not update to 1.1 if you do not have the proper disk.

      e.g. If your working hard drive has 1.2 installed, and you reinstall ID5 Export or J version, it will install as 1.0 depending on the version of the Disc install.

      If you are able to unlock your working drive and clone it, that will be your best chance to restore the original state of the drive.
    • DevoDave wrote:

      The other working cabinet reports software version as...

      Initial d Arcade stage 5
      SBRY 1.00 2009/01/21

      Protection chip is 253-5508-0577E

      The game was in japanese, but IIRC there was never an english version.
      No english version but there is an export version.

      I'll update this post when i power up the cab but there should be a 2.0 and 1.2. I believe 2.0 is the Export version which is used outside of Japan.
    • I have had no joy sourcing an installation disc for that version. I'm now going to attempt to unlock the working Western Digital HDD, clone it to another drive, and lock both drives again.

      I'm doing all of this on a normal PC... not on the Lindy.

      Extracting ATA passwords for older Western Digital HDD's is pretty simple using MHDD, and I get a 32-character ASCII jumble as a key.

      The question is what key to lock the replacement drive with. Do I need to spoof the new drive's serial to the old drive's serial to lock it with the old drive's key?

      The Sega Lindbergh Tools by crediar make no mention of Western Digital drives so I have no source code to look at to figure it out. Anyone?