Pinned Games with Issues

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    • archimage wrote:

      it happens every time from first firmware whatever I do, I always delete buff + clear nv but doesn't change anything to this game. I always had bad times with kof98 and matrimelee, I tried somethîng like 10 games no problem with the others... just finished blazing stars last week without any glitch... but for these ones I could never finish them. It happens in a frame of 5-10 minutes of playing. I try to play some random games from time to time for troubleshooting... but I must admit kof98 is my favourite one that's why I always report about it.
      We know about this problem and we'll do our best to fix it with next release.
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    • Anyone seen this happen:

      Fired up Fatal Fury 2, slot 1 World Heroes, Slot 2 Fatal Fury 2, Slot 3 Fatal Fury 3.

      Play Fatal Fury 2 on normal difficulty
      Choose Andy
      Defeat first opponent (Terry)
      Fight Big Bear second but for some reason.... Big Bear is invincible and can't be hit.

      Bugged game or issue with the multi? I don't have an original cart to test.