Vapor TRX - Colour Sucked Out

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    • Vapor TRX - Colour Sucked Out

      Well I decide to fire up our Vapor TRX up because it hasn't been on for about 2 years and expected major issues. It actually fired up and is playable but it has no sound and just a loud hum but the main issue is the screen. The screen looks like it has had the white sucked out and and in the screen test menu white just comes out as grey. I have tried messing with the contrast and brightness dials on the monitor but doesn't bring the colour back. To verify that if the fault lies with the screen I hooked up too different jamma boards, Raiden Fighters and Dynablaster, they both displayed correctly, I have a image of Raiden Fighters in this post. I'm kinda stumped because it points to the game board. I believe this was a NFL board originally and had the crystal clock upgraded to make it run at full speed.

      Any ideas guys?

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