Ktmf 2641m chassis

    • Ktmf 2641m chassis

      So I just pick up a non working 27” monitor with chassis. The chassis is labeled as ktmf 2641m. From what I’ve found it’s a sharp image/kortek chassis. I wanted to replace caps, fly back and hot but can only locate the cap kit
      Does anyone know where I can find a fly back and hot for this chassis?
      Also at moment I’m not even sure what resolution the monitor is. I’ve read low and medium but no definite answer. I was told it came out of a big buck hunter but they are capable of low and medium. Does anyone know the resolution for this chassis.
      I figured for $20 it was worth the gamble on picking this up. Hopefully it will work out
      Another thing I should note is that it is a Sony trinitron tube. I always thought that trinitron tunes were no good for arcades

      Thank you