My First Arcade Project

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    • My First Arcade Project

      Hey guys. I made a little slideshow video of my first arcade project. I found an empty Dynamo Z Back Night Stalkers cabinet for sale on Craigslist, bought a few power tools (any excuse is a good one), used a lot of paint, used a lot of expletives, and eventually produced what you'll see below. It's not uber-professional but it works for me. I'm always updating the software, roms, and bulbs but I haven't got around to doing side art or a plexi-glass screen cover. Maybe, eventually, but I moved on to my second project for which I'll post a video at a later time. So without further ado, enjoy...

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    • BTW... I am looking for anyone who manufactures/prints CONTROL PANEL OVERLAYS. I need something for a DYNAMO Z-BACK as seen in the image below. It has a weird shape so a simple rectangular CPO won't work. If anyone reading this can point me in direction of someone or some site that can make custom CPOs, I'd really appreciate it. THANKS!
      • arcademachine.jpg

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