Last chance for PS-IO!

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    • bagheera369 wrote:

      havent gotten the email, but im in the sep17 order list, so im hoping soon. After almost a year, it will be totally worth the wait.
      I think that's the group I'm in. I haven't received any communication yet. I do notice that on the PSIO news page that most of the pre-order groups show 100%. I'm not sure what that's measuring because it surely isn't an indicator that those orders are fulfilled.

      Edit: I see this was posted on the news site:
      • 23/JULY/2018 – The required parts have arrived and assembly has begun on the orders marked 100% above. We are planning for a shipment date of mid to late August. As for the March pre-orders, they will be shipped in November.
    • Just checked and I'm in December 2017.

      And yeah, I can't imagine that means they're fulfilled. Maybe they've ordered enough to cover those orders?
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