Supergun inside a joystick (need advice)

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    • Supergun inside a joystick (need advice)

      Hey all, I'm trying to plan a project that I think would be pretty cool. I'm trying to turn a Hori Real Arcade VLX Xbox 360 joystick into a self contained supergun, similar to a Pana, Boardmaster, Sigma Raijin, ect.

      There's good amount of space inside the stick, here's a pic:

      (that's the PS4 one, the XBox360 is laid out the same way, though).

      what I'm mostly worried about is how any heat built up by the supergun would escape from inside. My plan is to use either my HAS v3.1 or (probably) a retroelectronik deluxe preassembled supergun pcb inside, then through the cord flap run the jamma extension.
      Not sure what video outputs I'm looking to do with this, but probably ending up with HDMI is the plan...I might need to fit one of those HDMI output converter boards (…d9ffe5:g:Pv8AAOSwJ0xacTfW )

      Any advice, pitfalls to avoid, ect that anyone wants to contribute, I'd be happy to listen.