Konami X-men 2Player to 4 or 6 player

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    • jassin000 wrote:

      The 2 player PCB with a ROM swap can do 4 players.
      The 4 player PCB with a ROM swap can do 6 players.
      The 6 player PCB (GX065) can only do 6 players (thanks for the info @Astro X)
      The 2 player PCB cannot do 6 players.
      I thought there were only 2 hardware revs. 2p/4p and 6p. Is there really a 4p/6p also?

      edit: mame shows 2/4 and 2/4/6... meh I'm just gonna stick to my 2/4.
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    • TheDrunkenArcade wrote:

      now back to the original QUESTION of the thread. Which roms and why type? Like I said Im getting the game/board tomorrow and would like to pre-order the parts to cut down on swap time.
      why not just leave it as is and sell it that way? or if you want to maximize it's desirability burn the alterante roms and include it with the sale so the buyer can run in whatever configuration they want.
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    • I skipped X-men just because I never really had any love for the game and the cabinet is a BEAST.. I have a simpsons cab, with TMNT in it right now.. I LOVED the TMNT game and will never get rid of it.. but this is one of the times where I can get x-men in a dynamo on the cheap.. I want the cabinet for my SF games and the X-men game is a bonus.. I will probably dump x-men as I just dont have the time for a board with no cab.. but at the same time -- if i get it working for a bit I might keep it around just for the sake of having it.

      if I put the sound module in I might be able to recover the entire cabinet cost.. so its a toss up ;)
    • It's in the works.. for now I just pre-ordered the 30th anniversary disc for xbox one - it has all 12 original arcade ports of street fighter from SF -> third strike (including alpha 1,2,3) and SF IV was a free download for preorders..

      that has to hold me over until I add more dedicated games.. Im now looking for either a SF 1, or HF/Turbo -- from there it will be Super, Aplhas, and then 3 and its variations.
    • jassin000 wrote:

      twistedsymphony wrote:

      my money is on that cab just running MAME and them making up a story about a custom video adapter so they don't risk a lawsuit
      You know I was thinking the same thing...
      This fabled video device would need a huge frame buffer, to store both screen outputs in memory before then running a series of custom inversion and mat filters.
      Anything this complex would have been well documented in the creation process, as the achievement would be too great to simply let die (it would also have huge potential future applications for more multi-screen games other than just X-Men).

      I suspect fakery/MAME. :huh:
      While that's definitely easier it isn't something that wouldn't be terribly difficult to do with off the shelf parts

      I've used this device on some stuff and it works quite well, it is capable of flipping horizontal without issue and around 10ms latency. Just run both screens through one and you should get equal delay. It also is capable of resampling a video signal to a different resolution so you should be able to do some sort of black magic to combine them into one picture with some sort of Extron hardware. It's not really ideal and it'd have quite a bit of latency to get it all on one screen but is definitely possible.