Got around to testing new cps2 A board sprites are transparent

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    • Alright, put some fresh ROMs and, just as suspected, nothing changed.

      I started investigating further and I *think* I've found what's wrong: There's a 74LS04 which is a hex inverter which... doesn't invert, LOL.

      Before goofing, please, can you confirm that all this thing does is taking an input and spitting it inverted on its output?

      Which means that if I find with my logic probe a logic value of LOW on 1A I should get HIGH on 1Y (and viceversa)?

      EDIT: YES!!!! THAT WAS THE ISSUE!! I've removed the faulty IC and bridged the input and output, simulating what the issue was with the faulty LS04 and I had the same graphic issues!

      I think I'm close to solving this problem, I've ordered a new LS04, now I just have to wait.

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