Beach Head 2000 Arcade Game

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    • Beach Head 2000 Arcade Game

      I am in the process of trying to diagnose and repair this Beach Head 2000 Arcade Game. Problem: I cannot seem to get pass the GLOBAL VR loading screen. Every time it reaches this point, it takes forever to load and after it decides it's "loaded" it completely reboots and does the process in a continuous loop. Any suggestions on how to fix?
      Greatly appreciate it, TechApprentice

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    • I don't have the hardware but the first things that come to mind is the hard drive went bad or the protection dongle died so the game isn't getting the feedback it wants so it resets itself. You could try using a disc image in mame to reinstall the game onto another hard drive or maybe on the web there is some cracked version that bypasses dongles.
    • A dongle is a protection device that stops people from just copying someone else's hard drive so you have to buy a game. Generally it'll be a USB stick that needs to be plugged in in order for a machine to work or else it will do things like keeping on looping how you described.

      There's no way I can further diagnose your situation. It could be 100 different things like any component on the motherboard going bad. I'm just saying the first thing I'd do is swap the hard drive because mechanical hard drives are guaranteed to go bad in a few years of use so changes are higher that that is where your problem is vs. other issues.

      If there is a dongle and you try to swap the hard drive, make sure the new hard drive / software replacement is the exact version you are replacing or else the dongle probably won't work. In other words don't go from BH 2002 to 2003 unless you know you are using some hacked/unprotected image because a 2002 dongle likely isn't going to run a 2003 hard drive.