Pinned Sega JVS I/O Power Cables

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    • Sega JVS I/O Power Cables

      ATX-2-Sega I/O Power Cable

      Price will be $25

      This high-quality, hand-crimped power cable will allow you to use your ATX power supply to power your Sega JVS Type 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 I/O pcbs. It uses one of the standard 4-pin molex connectors that would normally power a HDD in a PC to power your Sega I/O. The other ends terminate in a 4-pin NH connector for 5v and a 5-pin NH connector for 12v. These are the proper connectors Sega used to power the I/Os. Standard cable length is 40cm.

      SUN PSU 3rd Connector-2-Sega I/O Power cable

      Price will be $25

      This adapter is made to plug directly into the third 8-pin power connector most SUN PSUs have. It's very convenient to avoid multiple PSUs for your Sega setup.