CPS2 MULTI in San Francisco - hit me up if you need local help

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    • CPS2 MULTI in San Francisco - hit me up if you need local help

      I joined the forum not too long ago and I wanted to share my experience of getting a CPS2 Multi and installing over the last day or so.

      I got one of the recent shipments of the CPS2 Multi last Friday and went through various stages of reading the support threads here until I was up and running. The main issue I had was definitely down to the A and B board connection, which caused me to check everything else several times too. In my case I had removed the outer case to get a better connection but in fact I had over pressed it down. I was having the roms flash perfectly, but no reset - just the solid colors, either red or white. I checked and double checked that I had the Darksoft boards fitted correctly, in the right orientation and that all pins were making contact and I re-checked my soldering for the 4 key writing connections too. I must have been trying the connections for almost two hours to no result. Finally I just unseated the B board fully and then let gravity allow it to sit back down. I rebooted and to my absolute joy, the Progear screen was up!

      I will likely buy another phoenix board at some point so that I'm able to mount the PCBS as I'd normally do, but for now I simply slid it back into the cabinet very carefully and I've left it as is. I have a longer LCD cable being shipped so once I run that out of the rear of the cabinet I'll not need to touch the board area at all.

      For additional clarity on my set up, I'm using this memory card:

      32GB Samsung MicroSD HC MicroSDHC Class 10 Memory Card 32G a.co/iklpbwz

      I formatted it to FAT32 in the terminal on a Windows 10 laptop and I used 7-Zip to decompress the most recent NEW roll up pack from Smokemonster, directly to the card, creating the necessary 'games' folder and its contents.

      I'm so grateful for the device itself, but I'm equally grateful for the way support is shared here and kept up to date, I found everything I needed. My soldering skills are ok, nothing special but I took my time and everything has worked just fine. I would like to offer local help to anyone in the SF bay area who may need it. I have spare working B boards that really helped me to rule out issues with my A board, they also helped me to get my A and B boards connected just right. Patience really was its own reward.

      Pictures attached - again I cannot thank the kind and knowledgable persons of this forum enough and to the architects of the Multi itself, your skills are immense and I'm so grateful! My Capcom Impress is complete thanks to you. Final thanks to Paradise Arcade - my kit was beautifully packaged and labelled inside to prompt me to be careful when opening.

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    • I may just hit you up!

      I got my CPS2 Multikit last week.

      I still need to buy an A board and a quieter fan for it, and some sort of supergun. This is my first step into arcade hardware.

      Multis: CPS2, CPS3, Niko's TTX2
      Boards: SF2HF CPS1 w/ Stereo Mod, KI1+2, TTX3
      Superguns: HAS, Jammafier
      For Sale: RetroElectronik ProGun, Windy City ATP-300
    • No worries! Happy to help. I currently have Neo Geo MVS set up with a supergun that I've been really impressed with:


      Really nicely made and super easy to set up. I used it to test my CPS2 multi before I installed it in my cabinet. Took about 10 days to come from France and I'm thinking of getting another one. Simple to power with an ATX PSU and you can direct connect twin joysticks and buttons to the board or use the DB-15 Neo connectors on there. I bought some DB-15 to PS2 adaptors with it and they also threw in some mega drive (sorry - Genesis, I'm originally from England) adaptors too.

      Let me know if you need help or want to compare notes. The key-writing soldering actually was really straightforward, just deep breaths and patience!

      I have a SSFII New Challengers USA B board that works perfectly if you end up needing a sanity check on your A board.

      I have a lot of old Blast City and Astro City control panels, some better than others but I might be able to help you with a twin set up for a blast city. I think I have two Blast 6 buttons two player panels that might be ok.

      Anyway, let me know - I'm very grateful to the community here and I'm happy to give a local hand when needed.
    • I ordered the RetroElectronik supergun over the weekend. Expecting it in about 2 weeks.

      Over the weekend I modified my Rev 3 CPS2 B board and got the kit all installed. Just picked up an A board from the Sunset District.

      Now I'm eager for all the parts to come in so I can actually test everything.

      I went with UD usb decoders as I'm gonna be couch bound and playing on an HDTV. Gonna go SCART to OSSC to HDMI to my display. Hope it all works!

      Cheers for the offer of testing my A board. I, too, am from jolly ol'.

      Multis: CPS2, CPS3, Niko's TTX2
      Boards: SF2HF CPS1 w/ Stereo Mod, KI1+2, TTX3
      Superguns: HAS, Jammafier
      For Sale: RetroElectronik ProGun, Windy City ATP-300