Neo Geo 1X Stereo Mod

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    • Neo Geo 1X Stereo Mod

      So, I have a MV-1FZ and thought about stereo modding it. I came across this website which posted a SMD version of the PCB as designed by MKL. Ordered a few including parts and soldered it up.

      Clean PCB versus fully soldered up and ready to go.

      Because it's SMD it's very low-profile and easy to tuck away inside the already pretty compact 1FZ motherboard.

      As per above website there are more alternatives regarding the points you can connect your PCB to on the motherboard but I decided to go for the bottom.

      In the end it looks like this, plug & play so the 4-pin header goes straight into the audio amp of my NAC (NVS4000).

      There was a minimum order quantity so I have a couple left, will probably be offering them later in the for sale section should somebody be interested :)

      Special thanks to my buddy @PascalP for lending me his equipment :thumbsup:
    • skate323k137 wrote:

      It's a lot of dedication, but after I converted my 2-slot cab from Mono to stereo I'll never look back and I can see why you did this. The neo really deserves it. Good job and enjoy!
      Thanks, I did find some sites going over the schematic which involved making your own breadbord, but I didn't like that solution too much, so decided to go for this one. A lot cleaner looking and more compact. Don't have a hot air station (yet) though, so that's where Pascal's gear came in handy :thumbup:

      All in all it's a pretty simple and straightforward mod which I'd recommend to everyone as well. I was planning on keeping my 1F, but now my 1FZ has been fully recapped, stereo modded, battery modded ánd being half the size... it might be the one staying rather than the 1F... :rolleyes:
    • SmokeMonster wrote:

      Nice work! I've done the regular stereo mod to my MV-1C (disabling the mono circuit and drawing stereo from the IC). Would this be a big improvement over that method?
      It should be basically the same, I believe all stereo mods out there are based on MKL's schematic, this one's just a way of having it sitting neatly on a PCB :)

      Wombat wrote:

      Really cool and neat solution!
      Will this solution perhaps also work with a MV-1A?
      Yes, the website I linked to mentions these MVS revisions: MV-1A, MV-1AX, MV-1C, MV-1FZ, MV-1FZS, MV-1T. Basically all boards which don't output stereo by default actually have a stereo circuit onboard, it's just joined together to create dual mono, which this mod undoes basically :)