NEOGEO MVS 138 in 1 Multicart

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    • NEOGEO MVS 138 in 1 Multicart

      Bought a 138 in 1 multicart from china, when it arrived and I tested it in my MV1B on my Blast City, it directly showed a static distorted picture. Tested on my other Blast same issue.
      The 138 in 1 comes with a PCB for the menu system, if I start without the PCB the first game on the cassette will start. Hence I thought the PCB was a DOA. Ordered another kit, but the same problem occurred. Read in a forum about others that had the same issue and where there workaround was to start the CAB without connecting the JAMMA cable, then "hot connect" the Neo Geo "console" . It works for me as well - So i suspect that there is a current spike/or lack of that causes the issues. I should highlight that the 5v is at 5v (i have tried it up to 5.18v) I have no issues with any other game. But i'm not interested in this "workaround" it does not feel safe enough.

      I have thought about way of sorting this, such as.
      1) Force the PCB to reboot - have no clue how to do that, but i know you can do it on NAOMI
      2) Build an adaptor with capacitors and/or spools
      3) Build an adaptor with "on/off" to be able to delay the start for 12v and/or 5v - not sure if i need to do it on both, and if both, how do i sync them?

      Has anyone else had a similar issue?

      Ideas are more than welcome!