Guitar Hero Arcade

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    • Guitar Hero Arcade

      Anyone here have insight into this machine? I might be picking up one. More than likely it will have issues.

      From what I've gathered inside is a regular Dell Optiplex with an Athlon 64 X2, 2GB DDR3 RAM, GeForce GT730 and a WD HDD.

      The install DVD (v1.56, the latest) can be purchased from Raw Thrills for 20 bucks. An earlier version of it can be found online with a simple google search. I've reached out to Raw Thrills to see if they have a list of version changes. Naturally the DVD is useless without a dongle.

      Apparently, there's also an image of the HD somewhere online.
    • Well, I picked it up. Not sure what's supposed to be wrong with it as it seems to run fine. The plexi marquee was trashed, and a new one from Betson costs almost $300 bucks. I think I'll manage without one.

      Raw Thrills answered my email considering the update disc. The only updates have been to accommodate new hardware drivers. I guess you can install this game onto different hardware than what is stock in these machines (the Dell PC). I might try it at some point.

      Oh, and the guitars weigh a ton.