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      Anyone here have insight into this machine? I might be picking up one. More than likely it will have issues.

      From what I've gathered inside is a regular Dell Optiplex with an Athlon 64 X2, 2GB DDR3 RAM, GeForce GT730 and a WD HDD.

      The install DVD (v1.56, the latest) can be purchased from Raw Thrills for 20 bucks. An earlier version of it can be found online with a simple google search. I've reached out to Raw Thrills to see if they have a list of version changes. Naturally the DVD is useless without a dongle.

      Apparently, there's also an image of the HD somewhere online.
    • Well, I picked it up. Not sure what's supposed to be wrong with it as it seems to run fine. The plexi marquee was trashed, and a new one from Betson costs almost $300 bucks. I think I'll manage without one.

      Raw Thrills answered my email considering the update disc. The only updates have been to accommodate new hardware drivers. I guess you can install this game onto different hardware than what is stock in these machines (the Dell PC). I might try it at some point.

      Oh, and the guitars weigh a ton.
    • nem wrote:

      Stock pic. Mine is missing the pop out marquee.
      I have this machine. I'm a kids dentist and it is in our office. We had to wire in headphones and disable the flashing lights so it wouldn't be so obtrusive, but it is awesome and the kids love it. Just last week it stopped booting up. I think the power supply in the optiplex 740 died. I ordered a new one and will install it this week and see if that fixes it.
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    • For the pop out marquee I just vectorized the logo and went to the local printers to make backlit print out of it:

      The pic isn't great, it looks fine in person.

      Anyway, the monitor on mine doesn't power on every time. I think the PSU for it needs a recap. The monitor is a Wells.

      Other than that, it runs great and people seem to like it. I've made worse purchases!
    • welp, bad news. I installed the new power supply in the Optiplex 740 and... nothing. Still doesnt boot at all. So at this point I assume the motherboard is dead? I don't see a power indicator LED on the board, but if it has one it certainly isn't lighting up. The computer doesn't do anything when I plug it in and press the power button. Any other ideas?