Model 2 /3 Security hacks

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    • TechnicalMonkey wrote:

      Update: the dream is on hold. I was quoted £250ish for the whole work. I then asked about just converting the security board, and I'm still waiting for a response.

      I take it that includes burning all of the 40+ roms? Honestly, it sounds about right. It takes literally hours to burn them, and then there's the cost of the chips.

      If you're interested in doing the leg work yourself, invest in an eprom programmer. You need one that can do 42 pin chips. There's a thread for programmers here:

      Best, low cost, programmer for most arcade hobbyists to have???

      Then just start burning the mame set for the game. The game will boot without a security board. When you're at that point and you have "working game" you can ask either for a converted security board or decrypted program roms (just four chips).
    • I have a GQ4x4, and I think I have the proper adapter to burn them. I was already pricing 100 pieces on eBay (I was thinking of burning the eight ROMs needed to convert vf3 to vf3tb.) Will USB be enough, or will I need a power supply as well to burn the chips?

      I'll need to see if my VS2 '99 is working. If it is, I will pull the trigger on the 100 PC's I saw for under $90 shipped. Even if they turn out to be used I can always erase them.

      Follow-up question: Does anyone know what the last version/revision of Fighting Vipers 2 is?

      Update: Before I commit to purchase ROM chips, what is the deal with the other 6 it so images. Do I not need to burn those as well?

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